For the Future
of Our Children

Since its establishment in 2002, Jamadianle has gone through a number of major improvements. The school has become completely self-sustainable and currently is the most successful project of UAC.

Currently, the school administration has been forced to accommodate many of Jamadianle’s classes in temporary buildings that are not conducive to a positive learning environment. Therefore, in response to the rapid growth and success of Jamadianle, UAC launched the “Star Project” in July 2006, which aims to raise funds for a campus that includes a larger permanent home for the school and UAC itself. Students will have brighter, cleaner classrooms that will incorporate a number of modern pedagogical tools, allowing UAC to further improve its leading educational programme.

Project Details
UAC’s campus is located in Buitingi, a neighbouring village of Buea. This means that our children will be educated in a better/natural learning environment, since the campus is located outside of the distracting urban area of Buea, in a safe and quiet environment. The campus, aside from being large enough to accommodate all of UAC’s students, will feature a substantial number of improvements compared to the current location. These include the following:
  • Larger and brighter classrooms, with Corner Room materials in each room. Corner Room and a computer workstation Computer Room
  • Vocational training centre;
  • More and better toilet facilities;
  • A bigger playground;
  • A gardening space;
  • An office space for school administration and UAC staff;
  • A staff room;
  • A community hall.

Recent Progress
At the moment, thirteen classrooms have been finished, of which 11 are presently being used. The vocational training centre is open, which has allowed the vocational department of UAC to permanently move to the new site. They now enjoy the use of two classrooms, one office, and a workshop. UAC is still looking to construct 5 more classrooms, an office space for the school, a library, a craft centre, and a corner room. Since its launch in 2006, the Star Project has come a long way, but your help is still needed for the accomplishment of the complete project!

How You Can Help
UAC needs another 78,000 Euros (51,246,000 Central African Francs) to complete construction on the school. So far, our generous partner UAC Netherlands is the biggest contributor to our building project. However, funds are still needed to finish the building of all classrooms and the UAC office, which would allow UAC to move completely towards the new campus. If you can, please consider helping UAC to meet its goals for the Star Project.

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